Top 5 Tips to Pass CISM Exam

The Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA) offers the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification to demonstrate knowledge of information security governance. Security managers and IT consultants who maintain the security system in any firm are the target audience for the ISACA CISM certification.

The applicant must have five years of experience in the field of information security to be eligible for the exam.Get ready to ace the test and earn the ISACA CISM certification, which will give your career a boost. To pass the CISM exam, use the advice below.

Exam candidate information from ISACA should be studied

Every year, ISACA releases a free update to its candidate handbook. It offers a tonne of useful information for the CISM test. You can review crucial subjects including exam registration, deadlines, and essential information for exam administration on exam day.

Even more useful details like exam domains, question counts, duration, and languages are included. No applicant should sit for the CISM exam without having read this manual.

Learn to think like a manager

The CISM is management-focused, in contrast to other security certifications. The ability to think like a manager is just as important for applicants as it is for them to fully comprehend the technical subjects covered by the exam. For instance, during the exam, the seemingly ideal technical response could not be the right one.

You must take into account things like the corporate strategy, the associated costs, and how a security measure might adversely affect the business process. The ideal method for answering CISM questions is to adopt a manager’s mindset and use a comprehensive, business-oriented approach.

Utilize the appropriate resources wisely

Checking the official CISM Exam Resources should be a priority, just like with other major ISACA certifications. The four job practice areas of the CISM are information security governance (17%), information security risk management (20%), information security program (33%), and incident management (30%). Both a hard copy and an e-book version of the CISM Review Manual are available.

Important components like task and knowledge statements, self-assessment questions, recommended reading materials, and a comprehensive vocabulary covering all exam themes are all included in the CISM Review Manual. The most recent version has been modified to include additional components including “in-practice questions,” knowledge checks made to support and improve learning, and case studies, making it easier to acquire a realistic view of the exam subject.

Take a course to prepare for exams

It may sound bold to decide to simply study for the CISM exam on your own, but this may not be the ideal strategy. By enrolling in a certification preparation course, you’ll get the chance to interact with a knowledgeable instructor who has firsthand experience passing exams.

If the training is in-person, it’s a fantastic chance to network, share experiences, and have all of your questions addressed. A higher success rate on any certification exam was the effect of this.

Take practice exams

The official CISM Review Questions, Answers & Explanations are offered as a hardcopy and as a web-based subscription service. You should begin by taking the free CISM Practice Quiz before moving on to it.

In any case, the substance is the same: a list of questions and in-depth explanations for the answers. Remember that even though the questions aren’t actual exam questions, their format, level of difficulty, and kind accurately reflect what will be required of test takers.


Given that it was developed by the job profile of the Information Security Manager, CISM is the most sought-after IT certification. It is one of the IT certifications with the best salaries.

This certification stands out because it combines information security executive with the IT auditing job. The certification is recognized on a global scale because it controls security policies and assesses policies and procedures by corporate needs.

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