How to Pass the CISSP Exam On First Attempt?

CISSP is one of the most sought-after IT security certifications, and for good reason. It’s a wonderful moment to choose CISSP certification for a stable future career because the demand for certified workers is constantly high.

Candidates must have at least five years of cumulative paid experience in one or more of the eight CISSP common body of knowledge (CBK) domains, covering the most recent and up-to-date syllabus required to work in the profession, to be eligible to sit for the CISSP exam.

The CISSP certification proves to employers that you are capable of developing, designing, implementing, and carrying out an information security program. This certification can lead to a significant change in employment and is best suited for information security specialists.

What is CISSP?

Once you obtain the highly esteemed and recognized CISSP Certification, you can advance in your IT or IS career. To pass the exam and receive the best grade possible, it is crucial to study and prepare for it. The CISSP exam preparation process is challenging, resource-intensive, and difficult.

However, passing the CISSP Certification Exam is doable. Here are some CISSP exam recommendations that will help you ace the test on your first try and give you a clear understanding of what to expect.

How tough is the CISSP exam?

Yes, but with adequate study materials and preparation, this exam is passable and deserving of a CISSP certification.

Let’s look at the specifics of the Bootcamp for the CISSP certification. The passing percentage for the CISSP is about 20%.

The CISSP passing score is 700 out of 1000, and the test has 250 questions across 6 hours in 8 Goliath domains. The minimum passing percentage is 70%. The CISSP exam consists of both complex novel questions and MCQs.

Know how to pass the CISSP Exam?

How well you do on the CISSP certification exam truly depends on your study methods and level of effort. Even if you believe you are an authority on system security training, you might not be familiar with the exam’s question format.

It is advised to start your CISSP exam preparation by studying each CBK domain and being familiar with the exam’s terminology, question format, and CISSP concept. Combining these ideas with examples from the actual world can help you remember the information and improve your chances of passing the CISSP exam. Here are the top 5 advice for passing the CISSP exam on your first try.

Utilize several study materials to get ready for the CISSP

Once more, the method of CISSP education is a question of personal preference and convenience. The All-in-One CISSP Tutorial is available to read. Candidates can take security training courses online from a variety of training organizations in preparation for certification tests.

The official CISSP Training Guide, which covers all the subjects that come under each domain, is the best place to start. Additionally, severalpractice exams are available to help you prepare for the CISSP exam. These examinations are repeated as part of the CISSP certification training program run by legitimate institutions. You’ll be able to pass the test the first time if you do this.

To succeed on the CISSP Exam, join a study group

Although CISSP certification boot camps and training programs can be expensive, they are unquestionably worthwhile because they will allow you to network with other candidates. Have group chats with other CISSP exam candidates, study domains together, talk about the modules you don’t grasp, and share CISSP exam advice.

Preparing for this kind of exam might be beneficial since you will get counsel and advice from people who are taking the exam and have careers linked to the CISSP.

Effective time management will help you pass the CISSP Test

Based on your level of experience and how long it takes you to recall the information you need to know; you must allocate your time. On weekends, you can spend two to three hours each day looking at CISSP books. During the week, when you have free time in the evening, you can repeatedly take online practice exams until you receive at least a 70% score.

CISSP Exam Strategy

Knowing how to prepare for the CISSP certification test prevents you from experiencing unnecessary tension or anxiety, which ultimately saves you a lot of time. You must plan for your CISSP exam while maintaining a straightforward but successful strategy.

First, answer all of the questions, and stay on course. Answer only the inquiries about which you are certain. Then move on to questions whose solutions you are not certain of but which you have studied and know.

Only a few questions are remaining if you’re ready since multiple-choice questions require you to choose one answer over another after trying to eliminate the incorrect answer from a previous question.

Take the Mock tests

No CISSP applicant should sit for the test without having completed the practice exams. To identify your skills and limitations and subsequently direct learning efforts, the mock exam is almost as crucial. They must become accustomed to the pace required to respond to all queries promptly.


Since becoming a CISSP requires a lifetime of study, passing the certification exam is simply the first step. Obtaining a certificate demonstrates your expertise in the workings of the sector. Your confidence will soar as a result of being able to communicate and work with senior leaders in your company.

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