How Much Does CISSP Exam Cost

One of the most sought-after certifications in the IT sector is the CISSP. For IT professionals who want to learn more about information security, there is the CISSP certification.

In this post, we’ll talk about the CISSP certification fee and its parts.

What is included in the cost of the CISSP exam?

The CISSP certification price is broken up into three equal portions, as follows:

  • Course costs range from $300 to $3200.
  • Exam cost: $699
  • 50 to 70 hours of preparation time (hidden cost).

Compared to some of the other information security certificates offered today, CISSP is a more complex and technical certification. It addresses a variety of security concerns, including, among others, risk management, asset security management, access management, security engineering, security testing, and network security.

As a result, you can anticipate finding employment as a security consultant, security auditor, security consultant, or security system engineer after receiving your CISSP. You will create policies and plans for protecting information security networks at work as a CISSP. You’ll be integrating the procedures required to safeguard IT networks’ assets from dangers posed by the outside world.

An explanation of the CISSP exam fees

Cost of CISSP Certification: Course Fee

Let’s start with the course fee, which is included in the cost of the CISSP.

The initial step after deciding to pursue your CISSP certification is to sign up for a CISSP certification course. Self-study is neither recommended nor beneficial for passing the CISSP exam, so you must enroll in the course.

CISSP certification training costs differ by nation and, in some circumstances, by city. Even if you search locally for CISSP course costs, you’ll discover that there are numerous different training organizations with a wide variety of costs.

The costs for CISSP courses in various countries are displayed in the table below.

Classroom CISSP Courses

LocationCISSP course fee
USA / CanadaUS$ 2000 – US$ 2800
India / PakistanUS$ 300 – US$ 600
EUUS$ 2600 – US$ 3200
UAE / Saudi ArabiaUS$ 800 – US$ 1300
New Zealand / AustraliaUS$ 2000 – US$ 2600

CISSP Certification Cost: Exam Fee

The exam fee makes up the second part of the CISSP certification cost. The cost of the CISSP certification exam is now US$699. The first of May 2021 will see a revision to this charge. The new CISSP exam fee will increase from US$699 to US$749 after this date.

No matter where you apply for the exam, the fee will be the same. All ISC2 exams are offered by PearsonVue, an authorized ISC2 testing facility. To register for your exam with PearsonVUE, you can either pay online or at one of their franchise stores in your neighborhood.

CISSP Certification Cost: Preparation Time

The cost of CISSP certification does not include the time required to prepare for the exam. You will have to pay for the time you spend studying for the test, though.

You’ll probably need up to 70 hours to adequately study for the CISSP exam because time is money. If you are an IT expert, studying for the exam may take you 50 to 60 hours, whereas someone without extensive IT knowledge may need 60 to 70 hours.

Your prior work experience, level of competency, and the necessity to obtain certification as quickly as feasible are some additional elements that can affect how long it takes you to complete your studies.

As a result, you will invest a lot of time in your CISSP exam preparation. Consider including that time in your CISSP certification cost.


The three costs associated with earning the CISSP certification—the CISSP course fee, the CISSP exam fee, and preparation time—were described at the beginning of this article.

A well-known information security certification is the CISSP. In today’s contemporary environment, professionals that possess a thorough understanding of how to secure IT assets, applications, and information against attacks are in great demand. The individuals best suited to handle challenges related to information security are CISSPs.

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