CRISC: Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

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ISACA Verified CRISC Training Boot Camp

Our ISACA verified Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) bootcamp ensures the

provision of in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in IT governance. Our training will help you

in building your resume around IT risks associated with an organization.

CRISC Bootcamp Training

Our CRISC bootcamp encompasses the experience required to identify, assess, and evaluate

risk associated with an organization. This training program will help you grasp the concepts of identification

and evaluation of entity-specific risk and how to aid enterprises in accomplishing objectives such

as designing, implementation, maintaining and monitoring risk-based, effective information system’s controls.

You will complete the CRISC training with a 100% guarantee of success in the CRISC examination on the first attempt.

CRISC Learning Objectives

Our CRISC Bootcamp ensures the provision of extensive knowledge and experience in the four domains associated

with CRISC exam to ensure your career as an IT risk professional.

◉ Domain 1: Governance
◉ Domain 2: IT risk assessment
◉ Domain 3: Risk response and reporting
◉ Domain 4: Information technology security

Additionally, you will learn the following:

◉ Identify risks related to an organization’s internal and external business and IT environments
◉ Identify potential threats and vulnerabilities to the organization’s people, processes and technology
◉ Develop and analyze IT risk scenarios to determine potential impact
◉ Identify the effectiveness of existing controls
◉ Identify key stakeholders and assign risk ownership
◉ Communicate results of risk assessments
◉ Consult with risk owners on the design and implementation of mitigating controls
◉ Define and establish data-driven key risk indicators
◉ Monitor changes in risk indicators
◉ Report risk indicator changes to key stakeholders
◉ Analyze risk indicators to determine the effectiveness of existing controls

100% Guaranteed Success in CRISC!

◉ Seven days of live CRISC training in the presence of ISACA accredited CRISC instructors
◉ 100% Exam Passing Guarantee
◉ CRISC exam voucher
◉ ISACA accredited Student Manual for CRISC
◉ ISACA accredited CRISC mock exam
◉ Unlimited attempts for the CRISC practice exam
◉ 100% Success Guaranteed in the first attempt
◉ Free access to annual Infosec Skills subscription
◉ Access of all CRISC Bootcamp instructional materials for 1 year

ISACA Accredited Training Bootcamp

Our CRISC Bootcamp is one of the selected numbers of ISACA verified partners globally.

As a potential candidate for our CRISC bootcamp, you can be sure of the provision of the most

up-to-date and effective training material available including the accredited ISACA training

resources and instructions especially designed to connect with the quality standards of ISACA.

Prerequisites for CRISC certificate

To be eligible for the CRISC certification, the candidates must have atleast three years of

experience in the atleast two CRISC domains in which one of them must be

either Domain 1 (risk identification) or Domain 2 (risk assessment).

Professionals in the following field can attend,

◉ IT and risk professionals
◉ Project managers
◉ Business analysts
◉ Compliance professionals
◉ Anyone tasked with identifying, evaluating and mitigating organizational risk

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