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ISACA Verified CISM Training Boot Camp
Our 7-day long Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Bootcamp enables you to master the ISACA CISM exam in the very first attempt. Our Bootcamp ensures the provision of domain expertise and knowledge required to excel in the field of cybersecurity by achieving the most in-demand certification, CISM.

CISM Bootcamp Training

Our ISACA verified CISM bootcamp is extensively designed for the professional who hold experience as information security managers and can design, manage, or assess the information security of an enterprise.
Our CISM bootcamp ensures the provision of detailed knowledge and improving success in the application of this knowledge to real-world problems. Our training will ensure that you encompass risk management, security governance, security incident management, and security program management and development and has been kept up-to-date with the current standards of CISM job practice to ensure your 100% in the most in-demand CISM certification.

CISM Learning Objectives

The ISACA accredited CISM helps you in promoting international practices with an emphasis on building experience in the field of security management and consulting with the help of four CISM domains listed below,
◉  Security governance: To ensure the management of challenges associated with the protection of an organization’s assets. The desirable outcomes of the information security programs need to be defined by senior management.
◉  Risk management: The validation and classification of assets is crucial for regulating a successful risk management program. The bigger the value of the asset, the bigger the risk associated with it.
◉  Information security program development and management: The implementation of management’s governance strategy is crucial and can be defined as the ‘due diligence’ required for the protection of corporation’s assets.
◉  Information security incident management: Management of unexpected as well as expected events which could either be disruptive or not, is imminent and follows the principle of identify, protect, detect, respond and recover.
Moreover, you will learn about
◉  Information security governance
◉  The role of an information security steering group
◉  Legal and regulatory issues associated with internet businesses, global transmissions and transborder data flows
◉  Common insurance policies and imposed conditions
◉  Information security process improvement
◉  Recovery time objectives (RTO) for information resources
◉  Cost-benefit analysis techniques for mitigating risks to acceptable levels
◉  Security metrics design, development and implementation
◉  Information security management due to diligence activities and reviews of the infrastructure
◉  Events affecting security baselines that may require risk reassessments
◉  Changes to information security requirements in security plans, test plans and reperformance
◉  Disaster recovery testing for infrastructure and critical business applications
◉  External vulnerability reporting sources
◉  CISM information classification methods
◉  Life-cycle-based risk management principles and practices
◉  Security baselines and configuration management in the design and management of business applications and infrastructure

◉  Acquisition management methods and techniques
◉  Evaluation of vendor service level agreements and preparation of contracts

100% Guaranteed Success in CISM!
◉  Seven days of live CISM training in the presence of ISACA accredited CISM instructors
◉  100% Exam Passing Guarantee
◉  CISM exam voucher
◉  ISACA accredited Student Manual for CISM
◉  ISACA accredited CISM mock exam
◉  Unlimited attempts for the CISM practice exam
◉  100% Success Guaranteed in the first attempt
◉  Free access to annual Infosec Skills subscription
◉  Access of all CISM Bootcamp instructional materials for 1 year

ISACA Accredited Training Bootcamp

Our CISM Bootcamp is one of the selected numbers of ISACA verified partners globally. As a potential candidate for our CISM bootcamp, you can be sure of the provision of the most up-to-date and effective training material available including the accredited ISACA training resources and instructions especially designed to connect with the quality standards of ISACA.

Prerequisites for CISA certificate

To be eligible for the CISM certification, you must have atleast five years of experience in the field of information security in which three of those years have to be centred around atleast three of the job practice analysis areas. Such work experience needs to be obtained within 10 years of your application or until five years after being successful in the CISM certification.

Professionals in the following field can attend,
◉  Information security managers
◉  Chief information officers
◉  Chief information security officers
◉  Information security consultants
◉  Anyone interested in learning information security management skills and getting certified

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