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ISACA Verified CISA Training Boot Camp

Our 7-day long Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Bootcamp enables you to master the ISACA CISA exam

in the very first attempt. Our Bootcamp ensures the provision of domain expertise and knowledge required

to excel in the field of cybersecurity by achieving the most in-demand certification, CISA.

CISA Bootcamp Training
The growing demand of CISA professionals in today’s rapidly changing field of Information Security requires the

need of professionals who can comprehend the risk posed to the data and systems of an organization and are

able to create as well as administer policies and programs needed to combat security breaches.
Our ISACA Verified CISA Bootcamp ensures the provision of the necessary skills required for the management,

development, and supervision of programs needed for the defense against unauthorized access to information.

Our Bootcamp will enable you to enhance your expertise by gaining detailed knowledge related to auditing

information systems and their application to real-world scenarios and therefore, ensuring your utmost success

in the CISA examination.

Learning Objectives
Our ISACA verified CISA Bootcamp ensures 100% success in the CISA examination

by preparing you extensively for 150 multiple-choice questions encompassing the five information systems auditing areas.

These domains have been prepared to ensure an extensive experience required to be fit

for your career as a CISA professional and demonstrate the work executed by information systems auditors:
◉  The process of auditing information systems
◉  Governance of IT and management
◉  Information systems acquisition, development and implementation
◉  Information systems operations, maintenance and services management
◉  Protection of information assets
100% Guaranteed Success in CISA!
◉  Seven days of live CISA training in the presence of ISACA accredited CISA instructors
◉  100% Exam Passing Guarantee
◉  CISA exam voucher
◉  ISACA accredited Student Manual for CISA
◉  ISACA accredited CISA mock exam
◉  Unlimited attempts for the CISA practice exam
◉  100% Success Guaranteed in the first attempt
◉  Free access to annual Infosec Skills subscription
◉  Access of all CISA Bootcamp instructional materials for 1 year

ISACA Accredited Training Bootcamp

Our CISA Bootcamp is one of the selected numbers of ISACA verified partners globally.

As a potential candidate for our CISA bootcamp, you can be sure of the provision of the most

up-to-date and effective training material available including the accredited ISACA training resources

and instructions especially designed to connect with the quality standards of ISACA.

Prerequisites for CISA certificate

An experience of five years in the field of information systems auditing, security or control

work experience is needed to be eligible for CISA certification. However, if the candidate

meets the other requirements, a minimum of three years will be waived off.
Professionals in the following field can attend,
◉  Risk managers and professionals
◉  IT auditors
◉  Information security analysts
◉  Information security consultants
◉  Anyone interested in learning auditing skills and getting certified

Pass your CISA with 100% guaranteed

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